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136. Playground "Solar System"   Berlin, 1995 Design and execution of the planets Mars (polyester resin), Mercury (sandstone) and Pluto (granite) for a "Solar System" children's playground in Berlin Kreuzberg by Gisbert...  
137. Taschenbergpalais in Dresden   Composite capitals, 1995 Reconstruction of four composite capitals of stucco plaster for the historical hall in the Taschenbergpalais in Dresden (in cooperation with L. Clausnitzer)  
138. Potsdamer Straße 105, Berlin   Lansquenet, 1995 Restoration of a terracotta figure of a lansquenet on the facade of the house at Potsdamer Strasse 105, Berlin  
139. Potsdamer Straße 105, Berlin   Gryphons, 1995 Reconstruction, mould-making and casting of two gryphons on the gable of the facade of Potsdamer Strasse 105, Berlin (casts in polymer concrete)  
140. "Nathan the Wise"   Berlin, 1995 Cleaning and restoration of an alabaster figure  
141. Portrait bust "Mrs. Williams"   Berlin, 1995 Plaster for bronze (life size), model from photographs, commissioned by a New York attorney  
142. Zeughaus in Berlin   Group of Slaves, 1993 - 1994 Reconstruction of one of the slave groups for the Berlin armoury, copy in stone of a slave for the Berlin armoury (in cooperation with L. Clausnitzer)  
143. Lichtenberg near Neuruppin   World War I memorial, 1993 Reconstruction in stone and copy (sandstone) of the Imperial eagle on the World War I memorial in Lichtenberg near Neuruppin  
144. Park of Schloss Rheinsberg   Relief, 1992 Restoration of an arched relief on the portal of the Temple for the Dear Departed in the park of Schloss Rheinsberg, Restoration plan, detailed reconstruction and...  
145. Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam   Sculptural ornaments, 1992 Collaboration on the detailed reconstruction work and restoration of the sandstone sculptural ornaments on the Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam, documentation of the...  
146. Neues Rathaus in Leipzig   Justitia, 1991 Reconstruction and copy in stone of the larger-than-life limestone figure of Justice, an art nouveau balustrade figure on the south-west facade of the Neues Rathaus in Leipzig,...  
147. Park of Schloss Rheinsberg   Putto, 1990 Detailed reconstruction in plaster as a model for a copy in stone of a putto for a baroque fountain in the park of Schloss Rheinsberg  
148. Park of Schloss Rheinsberg   Obelisk, 1990 Reconstruction and copy in stone of one of the four larger-than-life sandstone trophies at the corners of the obelisk in the park of Schloss Rheinsberg  
149. Humboldt University in Berlin   Capital, 1989 Collaboration on the copy in stone of a capital from the main portal of the Humboldt University in Berlin  
150. Nikolaikirche Berlin   Urn, 1988 Reconstruction and copy in stone of a sandstone urn in the interior of St. Nicholas' church, Berlin  
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