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21. Striding „Roman Horse“  
Model study, 2017  
22. Berlin City Palace – Humboldtforum 1st part  
Historical facade, Reconstruction of the cupola lantern, 2019  
23. Berlin City Palace – Humboldtforum 2nd part  
Historical facade, reconstruction oft the cupola lantern, 2019  
24. Shire Horse  
Model study, 2019  
25. Workshop  
For the Beautiful, the Good, the True Sculpture will always be the will to shape matter in three dimensions. Tradition, for us, means respecting the old masters. From ancient Greece and Rome to…  
26. Reichstag building in Berlin  
Supervision of the restoration work, 1998  
27. Schloss Oranienbaum near Wörlitz, Dessau  
South Terrace with Steps, 1998  
29. Schloss Oranienbaum near Wörlitz, Dessau  
"Corps de logis", 1997  
30. Börsenkurse  
Poor investments are two a penny. Why not invest in a fund whose worth was created long ago? One that promises a stable future. Invest in works of sculpture across the artistic epochs. We make…  
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