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151. University Library in Leipzig  
Ornamental Keystones, 1995  
152. University of Music and Dance in Leipzig  
Tympanum, 1998  
153. Unter den Linden in Berlin  
Prussian Generals, 2006  
154. Villa von Oeding, Berlin-Kladow  
Saint Agnes and St. Thecla, 2001  
155. Village Church at Radensleben  
Majolica, 2001  
156. Wilkendorf castle  
Elements of the sandstone facade, 2008  
157. Workshop  
For the Beautiful, the Good, the True Sculpture will always be the will to shape matter in three dimensions. Tradition, for us, means respecting the old masters. From ancient Greece and Rome to…  
158. Wörlitz garden near Dessau  
Monument, 2007  
159. Wörlitz Gardens, near Dessau  
Monument, 2006  
160. Wörlitz Gardens, near Dessau  
Monument, 2007  
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