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31. Berlin City Palace – Humboldtforum  
Historic facade, reconstruction oft the sculpture „Victoria and Justitia“, portal V, Schlüter court, 2018  
32. Berlin City Palace – Humboldtforum  
Historic fasade, reconstruction of a capital, a bracket and a adomment collar for the cupola, 2017  
33. Berlin City Palace – Humboldtforum 1st part  
Historical facade, Reconstruction of the cupola lantern, 2019  
34. Berlin City Palace – Humboldtforum 2nd part  
Historical facade, reconstruction oft the cupola lantern, 2019  
35. Berlin National Gallery  
Sima Frieze, 1999  
36. Biesdorf Palace, Berlin  
1st floor Parapet Railings, 2014  
37. Bleibtreustraße 15-16, Berlin  
Ornamental stucco facade, 1999  
38. Bodemuseum in Berlin  
Pilaster capitals, 2001  
39. Börsenkurse  
Poor investments are two a penny. Why not invest in a fund whose worth was created long ago? One that promises a stable future. Invest in works of sculpture across the artistic epochs. We make…  
40. Borsig Works in Berlin  
Reliefs, 2000  
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