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121. Church of St John the Evangelist, Berlin  
Medallion of Christ, 2003  
122. Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin  
Mausoleum, Marbel Sarcophagi, 2009  
123. Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin  
Mausoleum, marble sculpture „Archangel Michael“, 2009  
124. Castle Oranienbaum near Wörlitz, Dessau  
Nick-figure, chinese teahouse in the castle park, 2016  
125. Cascade in the Paradiesgarten, Potsdam  
Heads of herms, 2001  
126. Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt, Neustadt an der Dosse  
"Kolibri" Portrait statue of a stallion, 2001  
127. Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam  
Sculptural ornaments, 1992  
128. Brandenburg head and land stud, Neustadt, Dosse  
"Poesie" sculpture female horse with foal, 2007  
129. Borsig Works in Berlin  
Reliefs, 2000  
130. Börsenkurse  
Poor investments are two a penny. Why not invest in a fund whose worth was created long ago? One that promises a stable future. Invest in works of sculpture across the artistic epochs. We make…  
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